Eversen Nurseries



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Eversen Nurseries was originally founded in the late 1800's by A.E. Chandler, and was situated on the corner of Boronia Road and Albert Avenue in Boronia. Growing a mixture of fruit trees and ornamental plants the nursery began to focus on the Boronia plant. The scented flowers of the Boronia were a prized commodity 100 years ago and remain so today. So successful was the cultivation of the flower in the area that the small township of Boronia was named after the flower.

Marie Chandler the wife of A.E was of German descent, and came from the town of Eversen in Germany. This is where the 'Eversen' name originated from.

Cercis canadensis

The 'Chandler' name is synonymous with horticulture and has always been associated with plants and flowers. In the mid 1970's Keith Chandler began working at 'Bert Chandler & Son' Como Nurseries in The Basin. Como Nurseries was run by John Chandler (Bert's son) and his family, growing rarer ornamental plants. John had a great influence on Keith during those years, and after completing 3 years at Burnley Horticultural College, Keith worked full time with John at Como until the early 80's.

In May 1979 Keith Chandler, the great grandson of A.E. Chandler, re-registered the Eversen Nurseries name and began growing trees on a 100 acre property not far from the original nursery site in Boronia.

Thuja plicata fastigiata

Today Eversen Nurseries produces a range of mature and advanced trees for the nursery, landscape and property development markets. Eversen also grows a range of clonal apple rootstocks for the nursery and apple industries. These are available each winter from July to September.

For decades the farm in Kilsyth has produced daffodils on a large scale. Recently the family has moved out of this market and turned much of the land over to hay production. Eversen now harvests hay each summer to supply the stock feed demand in the local area.